Thursday, 17 October 2013

Halloween Rock n' Roll

I have lately been looking for a few Halloween rockin' tunes and came across 'Night of the Vampire' by the Moontrekkers. I've always really like Rockabilly instrumentals, but this one has scary noises instead of an intro so it's all good.

Another great song I found was 'The Monster Hop' by Bert Convy. And through searching through my collection found 'Road Zombie' by the Go Getters and 'Devil's Night Auction' by the Legendary Shack Shakers (more like swamp blues but I'll take it!)

If anyone knows any other good rockin' Halloween tunes post a comment on here and let me know! There are some good ones out there, but finding them is a bit of a job!!


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

To infinity and beyond!!

New blog starts today, will be discussing everything Rockabilly, Retro and Rockin'!!
Documenting events n' stuff, maybe a bit of artwork too!